The Nigerian President Needs Our Help

There has been a considerable measure of discusses “change” since the 2015 battle began and it continued reverberating after the decision. President Muhammadu Buhari won and bunches of individuals are cheerful.

I trust Nigeria won’t have a genuine change and it’s residents won’t appreciate it until the point that a few people are shown a thing or two. A general public where there is no standard of law is damned. At that point what do you say in regards to a general public where the judges that should maintain the law are the ones that are breaking it as well as are lessening the activities of the hoodlums? It is just in Nigeria that a decision is composed that expresses the criminal ought not be “hassled”. It is just in Nigeria that the judges defer cases inconclusively till the degenerate lawmakers leave office. It is just in Nigeria that while cast a ballot are being checked a victor is announced with picture that shows last outcomes. That resembles saying Thursday precedes Tuesday in a given week. It is an easy decision. It doesn’t demonstrate any consistent sense. The judges have no shame by any means. No watchfulness.

It is just in Nigeria that a degenerate government official from a specific clan or state is charged to court for taking from his/her kin and similar individuals will be the ones letting you know “leave our child/girl alone”. “Delicate equity with leniency”. What the hell?!!!!! This wicked simpleton just stole your occupation: kept you from having great streets, doctor’s facilities, plunge drinking water, sustenance and swung you to subhuman species while his/her children are traipsing everywhere throughout the world with your cash. He/she is charged to court then you begin blaming the legislature for particular arraignment. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that it is your sibling, your father, your sister or cousin. The individual has denied you of your essential privileges of livelyhood. Nigeria assets have a place with everyone so he isn’t helping you out by taking and denying you of it. This is relatively similar to injured individual self-accusing. This is the place the unfortunate casualty begins supposing it is their blame and begin feeling frustrated about the domineering jerk or the individual that has been abusing them. You ask yourself “what the bleep isn’t right here?” Nigerians have been mentally manhandled so long that we are feeling frustrated about the abusers and spooks. What a disgrace.

This makes you ask why the senate president arranged that “overthrow”. I trust they knew there would have been a genuine change whereby the president would choose new bold judges and an arrangement of courts that will bargain only with defilement. In the event that there are pictures or confirmations to indicate heaps of cash in someone’s home and they can not represent it, that ought to be a pummel dunk case. The Whole world has seen on web diverse heaps of cash at homes of degenerate government officials. This individuals are as yet strolling around free. They are welcomed by EFCC several times and by the day’s end nothing leaves it and everyone overlooks the case. Do you need to be a scientific genius to figure what is happening? The judges are the problem.!!! Keep in mind when the previous legislative leader of delta state was blamed in a Nigerian court when the judge expressed that he had sentenced him years back? Out of the blue a similar judge had particular amnesia at the following court session!!! Sheg√©√©! What a joke?